Easy and effective

DOMUS KLIN is the floor cleaner you were waiting for. Use it instead of your usual floor cleaner and it will neutralize the pet smells with a simple application. Now everybody can enjoy their pets at home with no smells.


With DomusKlin you will say goodbye to pet smells at home. Thanks to its action, the particles responsible of creating pet smells will just disappear.


With DomusKlin you will get all stains removed out of your floor in a very easy way.


With DomusKlin you can treat any surface with a result of total cleanliness.

Everybody dream of having a pet. All of us want, since childhood, to enjoy the affection that only dogs, cats or hamsters can provide.

Nowadays we live in houses where the dream of having a pet comes together with some drawbacks. All those who have an animal endure them daily. We are so used to that that we almost don’t realise them, thanks to the so many good things we receive from our animals. No doubt that our pet leaves its smell at our flat. Who has not even once heard someone saying ‘This place smells of dog’ ?

From now, you will make disappear any smell with a simple application of DomusKlin floor cleaner. You won’t have to get along with smells anymore.

It is as simple as replacing our usual floor cleaner with DomusKlin. Easy and effective. Everybody can now enjoy the company of their pets at home with no smells at all.

Change now to DomusKlin and forget about pet smells at your home.


The brand new DomusKlin formula has neutralizing properties. It reacts chemically with the molecules coming from our pets that produce bad smells. They get completely removed. This effect, along with the intensity and persistence of the product’s perfume, keeps pleasant and clean atmosphere in your home.

Besides, DomusKlin has antiestatics and demisting properties, which produce, as a result, brilliant, soft, dry surfaces (not oily). It also protects against soil and dust.

The selected surfactants for DomusKlin formula reduce the surface tension and create an steady layer over the treated floor. This is due to the excellent wetting and spreading attributes of the product, that make possible a deeper cleaning.

It eliminates pet smells.
No ‘This place smells of dog’ anymore.
Forget about pet smells at your home.
Faithful companion at home.
There is no excuse for pet smells anymore.
Goodbye bad smells.



It removes smells


It eliminates stains


Total hygiene

‘We had a great dream – to develop a product capable of creating a clean atmosphere, free of bad smells and, at the same time, to enjoy our pets at home’


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